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Welcome to Maximum Auto Security

Welcome to Maximum Auto Security

"All The Best Brands At The Best Prices!" Not just for Vehicles, but for Motorcycles, Boats, Home, and Business too!

All car alarms are installed by certified technicians.

Maximum Audio Video technicians are absolute perfectionists with 30 years experience in the electronics industry. The Buzz-Off motto is "Your car will be done when IT'S PERRRFECT!" It is rare, if not impossible, to find the kind of personal, expert service that Buzz-Off Auto Alarm Systems provides to you.

Each alarm system is custom designed to match your budget, your vehicle and your security needs.

Prices start at $100 for "basic" systems installed. We carry 23 different packages to satisfy everybody's security needs! By custom designing each system, we will give you the best value for your budget.

We specialize in "Immaculate, Concealed Installation."

Every alarm wire is meticulously routed and concealed with Factory-Match plastic loom, 3M, Super 33, vinyl electrical tape and all critical connections are soldered. All components and wiring is hidden on our high security installation. The alarm power pick up point is hidden. The engine kill is hidden. The reason is simple. If a thief cannot find your alarm or it's wiring, he cannot disable it.

All Maximum Audio Video alarms come with a Lifetime Warranty, parts and labor.

All our security products include a lifetime warranty; any labor defects are corrected for the lifetime of the vehicle. And, in our case, this warranty means something -- we have been in business for 30 years.

Maximum Audio Videoalarms DO NOT FALSE TRIGGER!

This is because Maximum Audio Videochooses only the finest sensors, mounts them correctly and adjusts them to perfection.

Vehicles protected by Maximum Audio Video alarms are not stolen!

That's right. 30 years in business...over 85,000+ alarms installed and, to date, only one person has reported their vehicle stolen when our high security installation is used. That's a record we challenge anyone to beat.

$2500 anti-theft protection guarantee.

We are so confident that our Viper alarms will protect your vehicle that our agent will pay you up to $2500 in the event that your alarm is defeated. See store for details.

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